People are becoming more and more like this...

Thanks to how easy technology has made everything for us, people are becoming lazier and lazier by the minute.

At work, people would rather wait five minutes for the elevator than take the stairs.

And as I've stressed in some of my other posts, people are relying heavily on technology to do everything from send out wedding invitations to wish people a Happy Birthday.

The world has gone digital -- in the process, our relationships with people have grown more impersonal.

Traditional Hallmark cards? Written letters sent by mail? These things have gone the way of the dodo bird.

While technology certainly has made it possible to do things at the push of a button -- things our ancestors could only dream of -- it has also made us lazy and complacent.

I've said it before and I'll say it again here: I think people are spending too much time watching TV and surfing the web. This has contributed in part to what pundits and academics have been saying for years: Society is becoming more stupid.

Let's face it: Most television sets are not tuned in to The Smithsonian Channel, Jeopardy!, or National Geographic at night. People are watching The Kardashians, Mob Wives, or Dancing with the Stars.

While I recognize that these shows can be entertaining to watch -- and we could all use some mindless, turn-off-your-brain fun every so often -- I take issue with people who are too lazy to pick up a book once in a while or do something that enriches the mind.

Growing up, I remember watching a commercial with the tagline, "The mind is a terrible thing to waste," and I couldn't agree more. I realize not everyone shares my passion for learning and knowledge, but people who spend all day watching reality television are doing themselves a disservice.
Learning something new via a good book or documentary -- something you can share with a friend -- is far more enriching than waiting to see what kind of trouble Kim Kardashian gets into next.

The same goes for people who always opt for the elevator, as I alluded to above. Walking a little is good for your health! I take the stairs every day for this reason.

In closing, I think people are naturally predisposed to taking the easy way out of everything. Technology has made life better in myriad ways, but sometimes it's worth it to put in a little more effort -- whether mental or physical -- into doing things. Somehow, someway, generations before us were able to live comfortable lives without the aid of technology.

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