Are you attracted to men's eye color?

A study on found that, when looking at pictures of men, people deemed the ones with brown eyes as more dominant -- and thus more attractive. Even after the researchers doctored some of the pictures so that brown-eyed men looked like they had blue eyes, the subjects still found the ones whose eyes were a natural brown color to be the most dominant.

I find the findings interesting given the fact that both sexes generally find blue eyes to be the most attractive. In high school, I had a marked preference for blondes with green or blue eyes. When I began dating my now-wife, though, who has brown hair and brown eyes, I certainly became fonder of women who share those very physical attributes.

To me, eye color is just, well, eye color. A woman could look beautiful whether she has dark brown, hazel, blue, or green eyes. The same applies to hair color.

I wish that women wouldn't put on color contact lenses for the purpose of giving themselves an eye color they wish they'd been born with. Instead, they should be happy with their natural eye color -- it makes them who they are!

There are so many more important (and non-physical) characteristics to consider in a potential mate -- like intelligence and sense of humor. While there's nothing wrong with preferring people who have a specific eye color, that should not be a reason to disqualify potential partners.

Are you attracted to men of a certain eye color? Are you happy with your eye color?

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