Ladies: Would you dump a guy for THIS?

Surprisingly, many women would dump a guy for not being able to last long enough in the bedroom, even if they've been together for one or more years.

There are many reasons why a man would ejaculate prematurely. In most cases, he's either sexually inexperienced or just incapable of stopping and redirecting his thoughts every so often so as to last longer.

Some guys just want to focus intently on the act and go full throttle. By doing so, they risk finishing before their partner has had her turn, thus leaving her stuck and utterly frustrated.

Still, many would argue that this still isn't grounds for breaking up.

Instead of making guys feel bad or guilty about their issue, women should be understanding and work with their partners to arrive at a solution. You might not see it, but guys who have to contend with premature ejaculation feel embarrassed enough as it is and give themselves a lot of flak for it.

As I alluded to above, one helpful technique is to have the guy think about something else once he's getting close -- be it baseball or the 2016 election. It might sound silly, but sex is largely psychological: Disconnecting oneself mentally from the act can cause one's arousal levels to go down if only temporarily, helping a guy last longer. In addition, it's important to remind him that you won't think any less of him if he stops every so often. I'm sure most women would prefer that to being left sexually unfulfilled, even if it takes her longer to achieve orgasm.

Like with every other part of a relationship, this is an issue that can be fixed with a little communication and compromise. If all else, you can always enlist the services of a sex therapist before pulling the plug.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation with a guy? Did you employ any of the above suggestions?

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Priscilla King said...

It's interesting that feminism has told women to feel proud of our capacity for spontaneous orgasms, if any, whereas men tend to awfulize and medicalize the same thing. Learning to control it and slow it down is good...but why is a man's being sensitive and responsive a bad thing?

Jeff M. said...

Men get a bad rep for finishing before his partner has had a chance to orgasm. Once the male has had his, it can take him a while to get up and running again (pun intended), whereas the woman can have multiples.