Good dancers: More attractive & better lovers?

Are people who dance well generally more attractive to the opposite sex?

Does being a great dancer translate to being a better lover?

These are often questions posed by people who don't know how to dance and/or have an interest in learning.

As far as the question, I think the answer most people would give is a resounding yes.

I recently saw my wedding video for the umpteenth time and noticed how well my brother-in-law's wife dances. To tell you the truth, I don't find her physically attractive, but boy...she can really shake her behind on the dance floor. That in itself has made her more attractive in my eyes. Even though she is plastic and annoyingly opinionated, she has a boatload of self-confidence, and it shows when she's under the disco ball. I hate to say it, but if I had to rate her on an attractiveness scale that goes from 1 to 10 (with 10 denoting the highest possible level of attractiveness), I'd give her a 5. Before seeing the video, I would have given her a 3.

I've posted this very question to many people I know, and they concur. There's nothing like seeing someone who can move his or her body gracefully to the rhythm of a song. Good dancers, as I've already noted, are confident in their body movements. They're also well-coordinated and show they're having a lot of fun.

Now, on to the second question.

No, being a great dancer does not necessarily mean someone is better in bed. I'm not saying it can't help, but a lot of factors are at play. For example, a person may be great at dancing but have a low endurance level. That means he or she will get tired easily -- a quality not associated with people who are great between the sheets.

Also, being good in bed is about more than knowing how to use your bodily equipment. People have to know how to push the right buttons, and that includes the build-up that precedes intercourse -- from the candlelight dinner to foreplay.

And while there's no harm in strutting your best stuff and trying to upstage everyone else on the dance floor, sex isn't only about you -- it's about you and your partner. A selfish lover in bed is a flat-out lousy one.

Do you think being good at dancing makes people more attractive?  Do you assume that makes them better in bed as well?  Share your thoughts and experiences on the blog or Google +.

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