COSMO: "Sex parties make your marriage better"

Yes, you read that correctly.

Cosmopolitan recently posted an article on its Facebook page in which it peddles the idea that sex parties can improve one's marriage.

I was hoping to find a disclaimer stating it was a late April Fool's joke, but that wasn't the case.

This is just plain inconceivable.

How would having a sex party be beneficial toward your marriage?

For starters, the thought of seeing my wife become sexually intimate with another man is revolting. I'm sure she'd cringe at the thought of me sleeping with someone other than her.

I realize there are mutually consenting swinger couples who like to swap partners, which is bizarre as it is. But a sex party? The notion that an orgy could have a positive impact on a relationship or marriage seems asinine to me.

In my view, a couple that has to go to these lengths to infuse passion or excitement in their partnership is in over its head. They should be seeking professional help, perhaps from a relationship counselor or sex therapist.

Cosmopolitan should be ashamed of itself for publishing and propagating such drivel. It's no wonder that the divorce rate continues to soar. People want to do everything but resolve their issues the old-fashioned, tried-and-true way: By sitting down and clearing the air.

Having sex with someone other than your partner isn't going to benefit your marriage. If anything, it'll expedite its demise. Extramarital affairs, whether you and your partner consent to having them or not, will ultimately deal a deadly blow to the trust, love, and loyalty you share together.

What's your take on this bizarre story?

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