Age-gap relationships: Here's what people say about them

You may remember my post a few weeks ago titled "COUGARS: Here's what older women like about younger men...," wherein I elaborated on the many reasons why many older women find themselves drawn to younger men.

Regardless of whether it's the man or woman who's significantly older, society generally frowns upon this type of pairing.

It isn't long before remarks like these begin to circulate:

  • He/she must be desperate to go for someone that much younger
  • He/she must be going through a mid-life crisis
  • The younger one of the two must be using the other for money
  • One must be using the other for sex
  • He/she could be the younger one's mom or dad
  • And the list goes on...
Generally, when we don't know the people in question, we try to fill in the gaps ourselves. But who says they can't just like or love each other? Why must there always be an underlying motive for pairing up with someone so far apart in age?

I firmly believe that age is just a number. If a person wishes to date someone that much younger or older -- provided both are consenting adults -- that individual is within his or her rights to do so. 

Yes, it may be that one person, unbeknownst to the other, has an ulterior motive, but who are we to make that assessment upon merely seeing them together? Such declarations have no basis in fact until we actually meet them and can find out for ourselves.

As I noted in the "COUGARS" post, I've worked with several guys who met their now-wives, all at roughly 20 years their junior, at work, and they couldn't be happier. 

It's time people stop raining on others' parade only because something they do is a little unconventional -- and delight in their happiness. 

There's someone for everyone out there. If that person happens to be considerably older or younger, there's no reason to feel sheepish about it. All that should matter is that you're with the person you truly care about. If society refuses to accept it, too bad. Some really need to learn to be more open-minded.

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