Everyday women who sleep with men for money...

Now, I'm not talking prostitutes or hookers here.

I'm referring to women you see at the local grocery store, mall, or restaurant. You know -- the type you spot wearing regular clothes and holding traditional, 9 to 5 jobs.

Indeed, many women out there specifically target wealthy men and mooch off them to get by. In exchange for cash, they give the men what they want most -- sex.

Does this sound like a form of, uh, prostitution? You betcha! The only reason why it doesn't seem as scandalous is because it's done under the guise of a relationship -- one that tends not to last once the man discovers her ulterior motives.

It doesn't matter that she isn't actually a lady of the evening. In principle, she's doing exactly what a prostitute would do: sell her body for money.

These so-called gold diggers leave a bitter taste in my mouth. What irks me the most is these women:

  • Lean on the man completely for financial support because they're too lazy to get jobs
  • Engage in wasteful spending by going on shopping blitzes nearly every weekend
  • Fool the men into thinking they're falling in love with them 
Here's my message to these women: Get off your asses and get jobs!  Why take advantage of men for their money? Even if the men themselves are just using these women for sex, it doesn't justify the women's behavior. Two wrongs don't make a right. 

Women who freeload off men should really strive to make something more of themselves. End of story.

Do you agree?

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