Ladies, here's why dressing sexy is not a good idea...

If your aim in dressing provocatively is to attract attention, you're likely to get it -- just not the right kind.

A lot of women who grumble that men only want sex are also the ones hitting up bars and nightclubs in short skirts or tight jeans.

If you wave a piece of meat in front of a famished lion, he'll undoubtedly lunge at you with no hesitation to get a bite. Similarly, if a scantily-clad woman crosses paths with an opportunistic guy looking to bed an attractive girl for the night, he'll surely make his move in no time.

Perhaps a lot of women dress skimpily only because their friends are doing it. If that's the case, they might be oblivious to the interest they're unwittingly drawing from men.

I'm not saying that the only men that women who dress in revealing clothes will meet are horn dogs who just want to get laid. They could end up with someone who wants something more serious and permanent, even if the initial encounter is at a bar.

But the chances of meeting someone who only wants to get in your pants go up exponentially when you wear things that accentuate your, um, assets.

I'm a man, and I'll be totally honest: If an attractive woman walks by wearing skimpy clothing, I'm going to look. It doesn't mean I have any intention of approaching her, but, like anything else that catches the eye, my attention will become fixed on her for at least a few seconds.

Women who think that they need to resort to this in order to woo men are mistaken. If anything, a lot of men get the impression that women who dress provocatively are "easier" to sleep with, and thus not marriage material.

None of the women I've pursued in my life have dressed this way. In actuality, the qualities that drew me to them were not at all physical in nature: A great personality, intelligence, humility. (Having a nice rear end or rack certainly gave them a few extra points in my book, but those things are almost negligible.)

Want to attract the right kind of man? Just be yourself. Sexiness doesn't have to be all about looks. A self-confident, intelligent woman who stands her ground and works hard is one any man would be lucky to have.

Don't let the first thing to grab his attention be your body. Reel him in with your smile, your intelligence, your wit, your soul.

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