Is this stereotype about men fair?

I've noticed a double standard in the world of relationships that concerns commitment.

It seems that when women want to hold off on marriage, they can get away with it merely by saying they want to remain independent to pursue career-related goals or other pursuits.

However, when a man says he doesn't want anything serious, many people immediately assume that he either fears commitment or wants to spend another few years sleeping around.

I think this double standard is all but baseless. Sure, some men may put off marriage for these reasons, but there could be so many others people fail to consider, like the fact that he doesn't have much money, wishes to continue his education, wants to move higher up in the company, and so forth. Or, perhaps he just hasn't found Miss Right or is holding out for someone whose religious beliefs complement his.

And who says women can't be the commitmentphobes? I once dated a girl who seemed perpetually reluctant to make our relationship "official." Her pretext?  She just wasn't ready for one.

The fact of the matter is that we may wish to postpone marriage for any number of reasons. To assume that because women generally prefer to settle down before men do, that they must have more valid reasons than men when they wish to do the reverse, is indeed unfair.

Like in all other aspects of relationships, men and women should be held to the same standards.

Do you agree?

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