So many women are doing THIS before marriage

Despite the proliferation of contraception in the United States, it seems a lot of women continue to have kids before marriage. A slew of girls I went to high school already had kids well before reaching 30. Sadly, in many of those cases, dad is no longer in the picture.

I realize that some couples actually plan it this way, especially if they feel that such a move would not put a serious financial strain on them. But for every pair that plans to have children at such a ripe age, there are 2 or 3 other couples that have kids as a result of an "oopsie." Some of them manage to adjust well, but others realize too late that they really weren't prepared for this life-changing event, causing serious problems in the relationship.

I can't imagine how drastically different young adulthood would have been if my wife and I had a kid during our college years. I didn't have the foggiest notion of what fatherhood entailed then, and we wanted nothing more than to enjoy each other's company.

But the fact that so many women are having unplanned pregnancies out of wedlock is quite puzzling. I suppose there are those couples that get down to business without mulling over the consequences of having unprotected sex. And there are others that do the deed and simply assume that nothing will come of it.

And having unprotected sex also puts you at risk of getting sexually transmitted infections.

At the end of the day, a night of passion isn't worth experiencing if you're going to be left worrying about the consequences the next day. If you don't want to go the abstinence route, do the right thing and protect yourselves! Taking a pill or having your partner put on a condom takes only a few seconds -- and it could spare you a lot of anguish.

As I noted above, many of these women find themselves taking care of the kid on their own, as the father is either not involved in the child's life or has walked out completely.

Here's another valuable tip for women: Be very discerning in your choice of partners. If you notice early on that the guy seems irresponsible -- say, he can't hold down a job, pick you up on time, or finish school -- do you really think he'd make a good dad?

At the end of the day, it's not fair to the child to bring him or her into the world if you're just not fit to be a parent.

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