Here's how roleplay can SPICE things up in bed...

Did you know that many couples report pretending to be different people when they have sex with each other?

You may be thinking, "That sounds so weird." But it's true!  Roleplaying in this way can actually make things a lot more exciting.

For example, she may pretend to be a naughty schoolteacher while he takes on the role of student. Or, the woman pretends to be a stripper while he assumes the role of a satisfied customer.

Some couples though, really up the ante when it comes to foreplay. They take it a step further by pretending that they're having affairs with one another.

For example, she might play herself while he plays "the other man," and vice versa.

While this may seem far too outlandish for some couples, others find it a great way to spice up their sex lives.

It doesn't mean that either of you are actually inclined to cheat on one another in real life. It's just a way of playing out each other's fantasies. After all, who wouldn't get turned on at the thought of doing "the forbidden"?

What's your opinion on this? Have you ever done this with your partner? If no, would you ever consider it?

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