Sunday Scenario: If you found a condom wrapper...

Let's say you found a condom wrapper in your partner's apartment. You and your partner don't use condoms -- at least not when having sex with each other -- so you immediately suspect that he or she may be cheating on you.

What would you do in this situation?

1. Confront your partner without hesitation and demand to know why there is a condom wrapper in the apartment
2. Pretend you never saw anything and dig deeper for more evidence when he or she isn't looking
3. Keep it to yourself and let it go, even as you're consumed with worry, jealousy, and doubt in the weeks that follow
4. Not think much of it because you're convinced your partner would never be unfaithful. You assume that maybe your partner's sibling or close friend fooled around with someone else while your partner was away.

I'll go first. My approach would be in line with #1. I wouldn't be able to sit idly knowing that my girlfriend could be sleeping with someone else. As trusting as I may be, stumbling upon a condom is no laughing matter, and I would want to get to the bottom of this -- pronto.

And if it did turn out that she was cheating, I would waste no time kicking her out of my life. In my book, there is no justification for cheating. Once you've betrayed me, there's no way in hell you'll earn my trust ever again.

Which course of action would you take? In your reply, be sure to include one of the 4 alternatives listed above.

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